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Legor Rhodium Plating Solution is intended for bath or flash plating to achieve a shiny white finish on metals by creating layers as thin as 0.1 microns that will make jewelry more scratch, corrosion, and tarnish resistant because of it’s naturally hard composition.

Made in Italy and packaged in a 1/2 liter bottle with 1 gram of rhodium mixed in, Legor Rhodium Plating Solution is different from others in the market with it’s relatively lower acidity and anti-burn technology that allows for a more forgiving voltage and temperature range, in turn, making it is easier to work with due to less concern over burning the solution or prolonged immersion.

(Note: Due to this product being designated as hazardous materials, it can only be shipped domestically.  Additionally, orders containing this product can only be ground shipped and a hazardous shipping fee may apply.)

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