The Legor 6 Tank Plating System is built with 1 liter polypropylene tanks that are lightweight, easy to clean, and corrosion and stain resistant to answer all of your plating needs from start to finish .

Some of the main features of this unit include:

  • Individual immersion quartz heating systems with digital controls that heat up to 180ºF
  • Controllable magnetic stirrers for agitation
  • Steel anode holders at front and back of each tank to allow for consistent coverage (anodes not included)
  • A stainless steel cathode bar across the center of the working tanks to support plating racks or individual pieces while plating
  • Plug-in outlets at the back of the unit that accommodate the positive and negative leads from your rectifier
  • A safety catch tray that supports all six tanks

For best results, the ideal configuration to maximize the capabilities of this system is to set up the front tanks for electrocleaning in the first, pre-plating (such as nickel or palladium) in the second, and the final plating solution in the last, while the back tanks can be used for rinsing purposes with distilled water.

Overall Dimensions:  20"L x 12.75"W x 11"H