The LED Magnifier w/ Adjustable Headband come complete with 5 different lenses, lens storage case, built in LED light with batteries included, and 2-way adjustable headband.

Depending on your needs, you can use this magnifier with a single plate or bi-plate that give you 11 different magnification options.  See the magnification chart below for more details:

Magnification Chart:

1.00x  @ 300-350mm         3.00x @ 160-180mm         5.00x @ 100-120mm

1.50x  @ 240-260mm         3.50x @ 135-145mm          5.50x @ 80-95mm

2.00x @ 215-235mm          4.00x @ 125-135mm          6.00x @ 60-85mm

2.50x @ 205-225mm          4.50x @ 110-130mm