PN-100 Workbench

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(Note: Due to the size and to ensure safe delivery, this product can only be shipped via truck freight. To complete an order for this product, please call us or email with the zip code and if it's residential or commercial delivery so we can provide a quote.)

Proudly built in the USA, the PN-100 is a heavy duty workbench has a 1-1/2″ thick Formica laminated top, 9 spacious drawers, 2 aluminum catch trays, 2 pull-out arm rests, a pre-drilled slot for bench pins (bench pin included), a large pull out shelf for extra workspace, and a foot rest so you can work comfortably.

This workbench comes unassembled in 2 heavy duty boxes, but is easy to put together with only 4 separate pieces to attach.

Dimensions: 48-1/2″ W x 24-1/4″ D x 37-3/4″ H