Made of forged steel, Multi-Cavity Ingot Molds are used to make wires with left over scrap metals to be reused for other projects.

The 7" mold is made of one piece and makes three different size wires while the 8" mold has a screw on handle and makes six wires.

Wire Dimensions:


6.65"L x 0.75"W x 0.30"H ; 6.65"L x 0.40"W x 0.40"H

6.65"L x 0.30"W x 0.30"H


7.90"L x 0.65"W x 0.20"H ; 7.90"L x 0.30"W x 0.20"H

7.90"L x 0.45"W x 0.20"H ; 7.90"L x 0.40"W x 0.10"H

7.90"L x 0.40"W x 0.20"H ; 7.90"L x 0.30"W x 0.10"H